Boa® Closure System’s Passion for Precision and Performance Clicks in Colorado

If there ever was a company that was quintessential Colorado, it would be Boa®, an innovative, solution-based company that transforms how people around the world experience their activities of choice.

You’ll find the Boa Closure System on some of the world’s best footwear, replacing shoelaces, Velcro straps, brackets and buckles, as well as integrated into many medical braces and some prosthetics.

Started in Steamboat Springs in 2001, the company has grown to more than 175 fervent employees, with headquarters in Denver and global offices in Austria, Japan, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.

Being a Colorado company means that employees are out embracing the unconventional workplace by enjoying the state’s epic scenery: Finding fresh powder or a wicked single track on the mountain before work, after work, during lunch, and occasionally during meetings.

Boa employees not only use Colorado’s stunning landscape as a playground, but also as a setting for important field testing, with over 92,000 hours of testing conducted right here in our backyard.

“We’re lucky to do what we do every day and work with people who hunger for innovation. It’s the people we work with, along with our natural surroundings, that keep us inspired, engaged and growing.”

The company’s success not only comes from employees whose passions inspire breakthroughs in the technology, but long-term partnerships with leading brands who share the company’s passion for precision and performance.

“We apply our core values to design and manufacture the world’s best closure system. We do this by collaborating closely with premier brands to solve their unique consumer needs to elevate product performance.”

Updated 2016

Fast Facts

Location Denver
Operations Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing
Industry Outdoor Recreation
Employees 142 in Colorado / 196 Worldwide

Fun Facts


Boa has experienced 30% annual growth over the past 3 years

65 million

There are over 65 million Boa dials transforming fit across the globe.

300 brand partners

Boa has over 300 brand partners, representing a wide variety of different categories.

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