A Population Worthy of Investment

In today’s economy, the places that have the ability to attract and retain talent are becoming the locations in which companies want to invest. As the second fastest growing state in the nation, people who live here are emboldened by the stunning landscapes that Colorado offers and companies profit from their desire to escape – to the mountains on the weekends, that is.

Gender Distribution

Gender distribution in Colorado.

Percent of Female Persons 49.6
Percent of Male Persons 50.4
(US Census, 2020)

Race and Hispanic Origin

Percent of white persons, not Hispanic or Latino 67.7
Percent of Hispanic or Latino 21.8
Percent of black persons 4.6
Percent of American Indian and Alaskan Native persons 1.6
Percent of Asian persons 3.5
Percent of Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander persons 0.2
Two or more races 3.1
(US Census, 2020)


# 1
State for labor supply Forbes , 2019
# 3
Best state for business 24/7 Wall St. , 2020
# 2
Most active state United Health Foundation , 2020
# 2
State for educational attainment WalletHub , 2021