Full Staff Directory

Samantha Albert Operations Manager Outdoor Recreation Industry samantha.albert@state.co.us
Sarah Andrews Sarah Andrews Chief of Staff General sarah.andrews@state.co.us
Emily Applegate Senior Manager, Business Funding & Incentives, Business Investments Business Funding & Incentives Emily.Applegate@state.co.us
Reid Aronstein Reid Aronstein Program Analyst Business Funding & Incentives reid.aronstein@state.co.us
Gina Atencio Accountant Accounting gina.atencio@state.co.us
Andrea Blankenship Director of International Tourism Tourism andrea.blankenship@state.co.us
Laura Blomquist Senior Manager of Strategy & Analytics Global Business Development (303) 892-3840 laura.blomquist@state.co.us
Ruth Bruno Program Manager, Art in Public Places Colorado Creative Industries ruth.bruno@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Director of Destination Development Tourism jill.corbin@state.co.us
Christine Costello Program Manager Colorado Creative Industries christine.costello@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Virginia Davis Contracts Manager and Coordinator Business Funding & Incentives virginia.davis@state.co.us
Julianne Dufault Executive & International Coordinator Tourism julianne.dufault@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Pamela Eades Accounting Technician Accounting pamela.eades@state.co.us
Lindsay Finlayson Operations Manager General lindsay.finlayson@state.co.us
David Fishman Fiscal/Operations Manager Tourism david.fishman@state.co.us
Nathan Fey Director of Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office Outdoor Recreation Industry nathan.fey@state.co.us
Maria Fox Deputy Director Tourism maria.fox@state.co.us
Lena Gerber Digital Marketing Manager Marketing & Communications 303.892.3840 lena.gerber@state.co.us
Sonya Guram Deputy Director, Tax Credit Programs Business Funding & Incentives sonya.guram@state.co.us
Sean Gould Sean M. Gould Deputy Director, Financial Analysis Business Funding & Incentives sean.gould@state.co.us
Michelle Hadwiger OEDIT Deputy Director & Director of Global Business Development Global Business Development (303) 892-3840 michelle.hadwiger@state.co.us
Rama Haris Advanced Industries Grant Technician Global Business Development rama.haris@state.co.us
Jamie Hackbarth Opportunity Zones Manager & Health and Wellness Strategist General jamie.hackbarth@state.co.us
Christine Hoffman Program Manager, Certified Small Business Community Small Business Programs christine.hoffman@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Susan House CDBG-DR Program Manager Business Funding & Incentives susan.house@state.co.us
Leslie Hylton Leslie Hylton Legislative Liaison General leslie.hylton@state.co.us
Margaret Hunt Director of Colorado Creative Industries & Space to Create Colorado Creative Industries margaret.hunt@state.co.us
Kaiti Jacobson Kacerovskis Manager, Industry Partnerships Tourism kaiti.jacobson@state.co.us
Joey Jenkins State SBDC Director Small Business Programs joey.jenkins@state.co.us
Ken Jensen Deputy Director, EDC Operations Business Funding & Incentives (303) 892-3743 ken.jensen@state.co.us
Jeff Kraft Division Director, Business Funding & Incentives Business Funding & Incentives jeff.kraft@state.co.us
John Kovacs Business Navigator & Employee Ownership Program Analyst Small Business Programs John.Kovacs@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Danielle Lendriet Regional Coordinator and Analyst Business & Regional Development danielle.lendriet@state.co.us
Abby Leeper Communications Manager, Colorado Tourism Office Tourism abby.leeper@state.co.us
Jay Lindell Aerospace and Defense Industry Champion Global Business Development jay.lindell@state.co.us
Betsy Markey Executive Director 303.892.3840 betsy.markey@state.co.us
Courtney Marshall Courtney Marshall Project Manager Global Business Development courtney.marshall@state.co.us
Angela McAllister Accounting Manager Accounting angela.mcallister@state.co.us
Rosy McDonough Director, Minority Business Office Minority Business Office rosy.mcdonough@state.co.us
Alex Markovich Deputy Director of Finance, SBDC Network Small Business Programs alex.markovich@state.co.us
Jill McGranahan Communications Manager Marketing & Communications jill.mcgranahan@state.co.us
Glenn Plagens Glenn Plagens Director of Business Support & Rural Prosperity glenn.plagens@state.co.us
Taren Mulch Director of Visitor Services Tourism taren.mulch@state.co.us
Conner Murphy Diplomacy Manager, Global Business Development Global Business Development conner.murphy@state.co.us
Max Nathanson Global Business Manager Global Business Development (303) 892-3840 max.nathanson@state.co.us
Cathy Ritter Director, Colorado Tourism Office Tourism cathy.ritter@state.co.us
Elizabeth O’Rear Manager, Destination Development Tourism elizabeth.o'rear@state.co.us
Natazshya Rodriguez Marketing Communications Coordinator Tourism natazshya.rodriguez@state.co.us
Jana Persky Jana Persky Opportunity Zone Program Director (303) 892-3707 jana.persky@state.co.us
Matt Rosencutter Accountant Matt.Rosencutter@state.co.us
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill Deputy Film Commissioner Film, TV & Media mariel.rodriguezmcgill@state.co.us
Daniel Salvetti Manager - Strategy & Analytics, Global Business Development Global Business Development (303) 892-3830 daniel.salvetti@state.co.us
Sheila Sears Deputy Director, Colorado Creative Industries Colorado Creative Industries sheila.sears@state.co.us
Che Sheehan Che Sheehan Program Analyst Business Funding & Incentives che.sheehan@state.co.us
Mark Skinner CDBG-DR Program Manager Business Funding & Incentives mark.skinner@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Bob Todd Manager, Community Development Block Grant Business Programs Business Funding & Incentives robert.todd@state.co.us
Taylor Tschida Taylor Tschida Program Manager Colorado Creative Industries taylor.tschida@state.co.us
Andrew Wallace Andrew Wallace Program Analyst Business Funding & Incentives andrew.wallace@state.co.us
Sami Wells Online Systems and Grant Manager Colorado Creative Industries Sami.Wells@state.co.us
Jason Wendleton Front Office Coordinator Jason.Wendleton@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Orilee Witte Fruita Welcome Center Tourism orilee.witte@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Wendy Wojcik Program Manager, SBDC Network Small Business Programs wendy.wojcik@state.co.us
Katie Woslager Senior Manager - Advanced Industries Global Business Development 303-892-8760 katie.woslager@state.co.us
Donald Zuckerman Commissioner of Film, TV and Media Film, TV & Media donald.zuckerman@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us
Jill Corbin Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us