An Environment Primed for Healthy Living

Constantly being surrounded by a natural playground of endless open spaces and elevated terrain has its benefits, to say the least. In addition to constantly being a source of creative inspiration and pride, the majestic surroundings inspire a sense of well-being that is so much more a lifestyle than it is a hobby. There’s a reason Colorado is the least obese state in the nation and has some of the best stats around for health and wellness. In fact, Colorado’s working-age adults are healthier than their counterparts in most other states. It’s because we’re surrounded by opportunities to engage with the world around us and the people that share the same values.

Let’s be honest, healthy choices can be a struggle for everyone, but when they are built into the framework of daily life, it makes decisions just a little easier. 100 farmer’s markets across the state, a number that grows each year, provide a fun way to get out in your community and stock up on local, delicious fare. We’re partial to Palisade’s peaches in the summer months, ourselves. We also caught the farm-to-table bug going around and the locavore lifestyle is definitely here to stay. Colorado menus are full of seasonal dishes inspired by local crops and livestock that are crafted into sustainable drool-worthy bites. But don’t worry; we love dessert just as much as the organic veggies in our “community supported agriculture” box.

The healthy community extends beyond the market and the kitchen. Here, you never have to go it alone. Whether it’s your mission to walk 10,000 steps a day or if you’re training for the Triple Bypass, there’s likely a neighbor, coworker, acquaintance or meet-up group that has the same goal in mind. This might be one of the reasons why Colorado’s adults are more likely than adults in all but four other states to exercise.

In addition to the infinite ways to get your heart rate up, Colorado is home to a progressive healthcare infrastructure with thousands of medical clinics and hospitals, community non-profits and fitness centers. Easy access to these institutions means there’s little excuse to keep our health from being a priority.

Maybe it’s the altitude. Or maybe it’s the endorphins. Either way, healthy living in Colorado makes our hearts, and our heads, happier.


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Most Active State United Health Foundation , 2020
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Least Obese State United Health Foundation , 2020
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State for Longest Life Expectancy 24/7 Wall St. , 2019
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Lowest state with prevalence of hypertension
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Lowest state with prevalence of diabetes