Defense & Homeland Security

Where Security Meets Might

For more than 75 years, the work being done in Colorado’s defense industry has flown under the radar. To us, this speaks volumes about the quality of work being done by the industry’s 73,000 employees.

With five major military installments, including the United States Air Force Academy, North American Defense Command (NORAD), U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and five strategic military commands, our state’s military assets support many of the most important defense and intelligence missions in the world including missile warning, space control and missile defense and operation of the worldwide global positioning system (GPS) network.

We’re also a national hub for cybersecurity and in 2016 will open the National Cybersecurity Intelligence Center in Colorado Springs, a first of its kind partnership that will bring industry executives, nonprofits, government entities and academics together on the frontline in the war against cybercrime.

Our state’s significant presence of military installations and their high demand for cutting-edge technology and innovation has fostered a dense network of highly-technical suppliers and service providers. In addition to overseeing our liberty, collaborations between the military and companies such as Digital Global are making significant advancements in satellite navigation and high-resolution imagery, robotics, unmanned vehicles, sensor integration, payload development system engineering and training.

While the military has been a key source in attracting highly skilled talent to our state, it’s Colorado’s natural environment that entices many servicemen and women to remain here once they retire from active duty service. These veterans are a critical part of our labor force, and we’re proud to support them and their families with employment and educational opportunities to help them successfully transition into non-active duty life.

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Defense & Homeland Security

Key Facts & Figures


Military Installations


Strategic Commands



$6.9 Billion

in economic impact

$33 Billion

in DoD contracts


Largest training facility in the nation


Space-related businesses are supported by prime contracts and military installations

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