Businesses Considering Colorado and Site Selectors

As a business looking to expand in Colorado, we’ve got your back with these tax credit, funding and job training programs to support your growth and expansion.

Colorado FIRST: A customized job training program that focuses on companies relocating to or expanding in Colorado and provides funds only to net new hires.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits: These tax incentives encourage businesses to locate and expand in designated economically distressed areas of the state.

Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit: A performance-based program for businesses pursuing job creation projects that would not occur in Colorado without this support.

Location Neutral Employment Incentive: Provides companies that will be approved for a Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit with an additional cash incentive for each remote worker employed in an eligible rural county.

Strategic Fund Incentive: A performance-based program designed to encourage recruitment, retention and economic growth through Colorado by supporting businesses that have created and maintained permanent net new jobs for one year.

Reid Aronstein Reid Aronstein Global Business Development Manager
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