Where Sector Meets Success

We could talk shop all day long about the advantages of doing business in Colorado that continue to attract companies of all kinds year after year. For example, our vigorous economic environment, access to an available and talented workforce, world-class universities and labs, and a prime same-day business location, to name a few. But there’s always a point where the rubber’s got to meet the road. That’s where our key industries come in.

Creative, inventive and downright dedicated, our industries’ major employers are a force with which to be reckoned. From Fortune 500 companies to homegrown success stories, these businesses are global leaders in an array of key industries, including seven STEM-based advanced industries. The people, culture and landscape of Colorado inspires companies to push themselves to be their very best. And trust us, the feeling is mutual. Here, you’ll find value in collaboration and support from a network of like-minded industry partners. Plus, a little friendly-competition doesn’t hurt either.

It’s easy to see why companies establish roots in Colorado, but what happens next is where the real magic happens. To grow and thrive, you’ve got to get in the game. Learn more about the key industries that make Colorado exceptional and the major players blazing a trail of innovation and success.


# 1
State in private aerospace employment concentration
# 6
State for concentration of creative class occupations
# 3
State for concentration of high-tech workers
# 4
State for high-tech performance U.S. Chamber of Commerce , 2015
# 4
State for start-up activity Kauffman Index , 2015
# 4
STEM-based economy U.S. Chamber of Commerce , 2015
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