A Foundation for Building Opportunities

We like to think of ourselves as your connection to opportunity. Minority and women-owned businesses across all industries and sizes can utilize our established network of public, private and government resources. We’re devoted to helping you gain a competitive edge by assisting with business education, valuable networking and maintaining an established foothold in the marketplace. Additionally we provide guidance and resources to connect you with the various certifications for minority and women-owned businesses that may be available to you, as well as private businesses that might just be the perfect partnership. Doing business in Colorado means having the advantage of access and that’s exactly the opportunity we’re here to help you achieve.


The process of certification allows women and minority-owned businesses to participate in business opportunities with government contracts. At the Minority Business Office, we provide access to various state purchasing and contracting opportunities by facilitating an easy-to-navigate certification pathway. Visit the Minority Business Office website for additional contracting resources and to request free certification assistance.

Export Grants

We co-fund the Export Grant financial assistance program which is aimed to equip small to medium minority and women-owned businesses in Colorado with the training and funding to develop a strategic plan for export markets. Visit our website to learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Rosy McDonough Director, Minority Business Office rosy.mcdonough@state.co.us