Venture Capital Authority (VCA)

Venture Capital Authority (VCA)

The Colorado Venture Capital Authority (VCA) was established in 2004 to make seed- and early-stage capital investments in businesses. The VCA was allocated $50 million in premium tax credits, which it subsequently sold to insurance companies. The VCA selected fund manager High Country Venture, LLC, and established Colorado Fund I and Colorado Fund II, each with approximately $25 million.

High Country Venture is independently operated and generally makes funding decisions. State approval is limited to ensuring that businesses receiving funding meet minimum specified requirements. The minimum and maximum investment size generally ranges from $250,000 – $3.375 million.

To discuss a venture capital request, please contact High Country Venture. Contact information may be found by clicking on the “Colorado Fund I & II – Fact Sheet” below.

The Colorado Venture Capital Authority (VCA) will announce an new Request For Proposal (RFP) in the near future.

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For more information, please contact Emily Applegate.

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