Rural Business Funding

A Reserve of Resources to Strengthen Colorado’s Regions

It’s important to us to encourage opportunity and growth in all areas of the state. That’s why we’ve created these tax incentives, funding and job training programs to help give businesses operating in rural communities the edge you need to remain competitive.

Aviation Development Zone Tax Credit: A program providing a state income tax credit of $1,200 per new full-time employee for businesses involved in the maintenance and repair, completion or modification of aircraft located within approved Aviation Development Zone airports. Learn more.

CDBG – Grant and Loan Fund: Every year, the State of Colorado receives an allocation of federal funds to use for both community and economic development efforts within the state. OEDIT receives approximately one-third of this allocation of funds, using this allocation specifically for economic development efforts via the state’s Business Loan Funds.

Colorado FIRST: A customized job training program that focuses on companies relocating to or expanding in Colorado and provides funds only to net new hires. Learn more.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits: These tax incentives encourage businesses to locate and expand in designated economically distressed areas of the state. Learn more.

Commercial Historic Preservation Tax Credit: A program jointly administered with History Colorado for owners of designated commercial properties that do a certified rehabilitation of their property. Learn more.

Job Growth Investment Tax Credit: A performance-based program for businesses pursuing job creation projects that would not occur in Colorado without this support. Learn more.

Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit-Higher Education Partnership: A program for businesses partnering with State Higher Institutions (HEI) to support job growth, academic development and economic expansion. Learn more.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC): A program which provides Federal, State and local government contract procurement assistance in the form of education and counseling for Colorado companies. Learn more.

Rural Technical Assistance Program: A program that assists eligible rural communities to develop plans and undertake projects to create jobs, drive capital investment and increase wages. Learn more.

Rural Jump Start: A program for eligible new businesses and new hires that relocate to Jump-Start Zones. Learn more.

Strategic Fund Initiative: A program which supports eligible rural companies, communities and non-profit initiatives in new business development such as incubators. Learn more.

Strategic Fund Incentive: A performance-based program designed to encourage recruitment, retention and economic growth through Colorado by supporting Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC) approved businesses that have created and maintained permanent net new jobs for one year. Learn more.

Colorado Creative Districts: This program offers vetted districts across the state access to grant funding, tailored technical assistance, networking and training programs, and access to advocacy tools to support the growth and infrastructure of the state’s creative economy. Learn more.

Space to Create: This program is the first state driven initiative in the nation to develop affordable housing and workspaces for artists and art organizations. Designed to position Colorado as the leader in artist-led community transformation in rural communities, this program will facilitate the development of nine projects over the course of eight years. Learn more.

Advanced Industries Export Accelerator Program: This is a financial assistance program for aspiring and current Colorado exporters. The grant program supports eligible small and medium-sized business through funds to offset international business development and marketing costs. Learn more. 

Global Consultant Network: A network of international consultants that connect qualifying Colorado companies to global opportunities and market education. Learn more.

State Trade Expansion Program: A financial assistance program for aspiring and current Colorado exporters entering into a new international market. This program supports small and medium-sized business through grant funds to offset international business development and marketing costs. Learn more.

Jodi Adkins Interim Manager, Community Development Block Grant Business Programs
Ken Jensen Deputy Director, EDC Operations (303) 892-3743
Susan House CDBG-DR Program Manager