Regional Tourism Act (RTA)

Regional Tourism Act (RTA)

The Regional Tourism Act (RTA) establishes a program that gives local governments the opportunity to apply with the Economic Development Commission (EDC) for approval of a large scale Regional Tourism Project that is of an extraordinary and unique nature, is anticipated to result in a substantial increase in out-of-state tourism, and that generates a significant portion of the sales tax revenue by transactions with nonresidents of the zone.

Local governments must provide reliable economic data demonstrating that, in the absence of State Sales Tax Increment Revenue, the project is not reasonably anticipated to be developed within the foreseeable future.

  • National Western Center
  • City for Champions
  • Aurora Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center
  • Heritage of Heroes (Professional Bullrider’s Performance Center)
  • Go NoCo

2018 Biennial Report

Che Sheehan Che Sheehan Program Analyst