Mid-Large Sized Businesses

Mid-Large Sized Businesses

A Network of Resources for Booming Businesses

We’re here to help businesses looking to expand in Colorado succeed. Take a look at these funding, tax credit and job training programs for mid and large-sized businesses across all types of industries to help achieve your growth and innovation goals.

Aviation Development Zone Tax Credit: A program providing a state income tax credit of $1,200 per new full-time employee for businesses involved in the maintenance and repair, completion or modification of aircraft located within approved Aviation Development Zone airports. Learn more.

Colorado Credit Reserve (CRR): A program administered between OEDIT and the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), which increases the availability of credit to small businesses in Colorado by establishing a pooled loan‐loss reserve fund that banks or sponsored lending entities may access to recover losses associated with loans registered with the program.

CDBG – Business Loan Funds: A locally-driven program involving 14 regions, providing funding used to stimulate economic development initiatives by providing loans and loan guarantees to businesses. Learn more.

Colorado FIRST: A customized job training program that focuses on companies relocating to or expanding in Colorado and provides funds only to net new hires. Learn more.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits: These tax incentives encourage businesses to locate and expand in designated economically distressed areas of the state. Learn more.

Job Growth Investment Tax Credit: A performance-based program for businesses pursuing job creation projects that would not occur in Colorado without this support. Learn more.

Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit-Higher Education Partnership: A program for businesses partnering with State Higher Institutions (HEI) to support job growth, academic development and economic expansion. Learn more.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC): A program which provides Federal, State and local government contract procurement assistance in the form of education and counseling for Colorado companies. Learn more.

Rural Jump Start: A program for eligible new businesses and new hires that relocate to Jump-Start Zones. Learn more.

Colorado Capital Access – SSBCI: A program which grants small and medium sized businesses operating in Colorado access to capital by utilizing a small amount of public resources to encourage financing by eligible lenders and the State’s Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). Learn more.

Cash Collateral Support – SSBCI: A program which creates access to capital for small and medium sized businesses operating in Colorado that are having difficulty securing credit because of collateral shortfalls. The program utilizes funds from the State’s Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). Learn more.

Strategic Fund Incentive: A performance-based program designed to encourage recruitment, retention and economic growth through Colorado by supporting Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC) approved businesses that have created and maintained permanent net new jobs for one year. Learn more.

Advanced Industries Export Accelerator Program: This is a financial assistance program for aspiring and current Colorado exporters. The grant program supports eligible small and medium-sized business through funds to offset international business development and marketing costs. Learn more. 

Advanced Industries Colorado-Israel R&D Grant: This application is open to Colorado companies that have partnered with an Israeli company and are seeking grant funds to support their joint R&D project/technology. Learn more.

Global Consultant Network: A network of international consultants that connect qualifying Colorado companies to global opportunities and market education. Learn more.

State Trade Expansion Program: A financial assistance program for aspiring and current Colorado exporters entering into a new international market. This program supports small and medium-sized business through grant funds to offset international business development and marketing costs. Learn more.

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Mid-Large Sized Businesses
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