$5.0 million Advanced Industries Awards Fuel 24 Colorado Start-ups – 2018

$5.0 million Advanced Industries Awards Fuel 24 Colorado Start-ups – 2018

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DENVER – November 15, 2018 – A Colorado company providing underwater liDAR technology and services to the sub-sea oil and gas market was among 24 Colorado start-ups approved for funding as part of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program.


The Economic Development Commission approved 24 Colorado companies to receive Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital Grants for a total of $5,016,997. Proof-of-Concept grants are open to Colorado research universities, federal labs located in Colorado and other labs with valid technology transfer offices for pre-commercialization research and commercialization preparation. Early Stage Capital and Retention grants fund companies commercializing innovative technologies to create viable products that meet a market need and can be created or manufactured in Colorado and exported globally.


“Since creating this program in 2013, we continue to see the breadth and depth of Colorado’s innovative communities by quality of grant applicants,” said global business development director and OEDIT deputy director Michelle Hadwiger. “These grants help drive economic growth in key Colorado industries and we look forward to seeing them come to market.”


Additionally, one Colorado company – Living Ink Technologies – successfully met all of its performance milestones and was approved for second round or “transition” funding for a total of $175,000.


The AI Accelerator Grant program received 83 applications this grant cycle. Applications were reviewed by committees of business, technical and financial experts, as well as an industry-specific reviewer. Of the 83 applicants, 22 companies were invited to participate in a pitch session in October with the full AI committee. Final recommendations were approved by the Economic Development Commission on November 15, 2018.


The next application cycle for Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital and Retention Grants will open on January 2, 2019 and applications will be due March 1, 2019.


The Advanced Industry Accelerator Programs (AIA) were created in 2013 to promote growth and sustainability in Colorado’s advanced industries by driving innovation, accelerating commercialization, encouraging public-private partnerships, increasing access to early stage capital and creating a strong infrastructure that increases the state’s capacity to be globally competitive. AIA encompasses three distinct grant programs: Proof of Concept, Early Stage Capital and Retention, and Commercialization Infrastructure.


Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital Grants


Låda Cube –  Grand Juntion, CO  $250,000 – Låda Cube  manufactures wall panel systems that look, feel, and function like a traditional stick-built wall, but with the added technology allowing them to literally come apart like legos for relocation and reconfiguration using our plug-and-play electrical systems. Structures can now be built in hours instead of weeks and months.


MuniRevs – Dolores, CO $250,000 – Established in 2011, MUNIRevs works with communities to automate their business revenue collection. Backed by a lifetime of experience in municipal finance,  MuniRevs has revolutionized the tax and licensing process.


Felt, LLC – Telluride, CO $250,000 – Think about how wonderful it feels to receive a handwritten card in the mail, knowing that your friend picked the card just for you. Now think about the experience of sending a card. You have to drive to the store, pick out a card from a giant wall, and drive home. That’s why we built Felt! Download Felt from the app store and send an authentic handwritten card from your tablet or phone, anywhere, anytime!


University of Colorado, Researcher Robert Hodges –  Aurora, CO  $150,000 – Project Development of antimicrobial peptides to target gram-negative pathogens.


Ursa Major Technologies – Denver, CO  $250,000 – Ursa Major Technologies is a Colorado-based manufacturer of turnkey propulsion solutions for a wide range of vehicles sized for servicing the micro- and nanosatellite launch community.


3D at Depth, Inc. – Longmont, CO $250,000 – 3D at Depth is the world’s leading expert in subsea LiDAR laser technology.  Their advanced subsea LiDAR laser (SL) systems and survey support services help customers transform the value of underwater 3D data. From data collection and processing, through visualization and analysis, 3DD delivers precise, repeatable, millimetric 3D point clouds to measure, map, and evaluate underwater assets and environments.


5280 Prosthetics – Littleton, CO $250,000 – Unlike conventional prosthetic suspension methods like pin systems, lanyards, suction liners & adjustable sockets, 5280 hypobarric socket technology increases tissue profusion, physiologically improving limb health for amputees.


Securisyn Medical, LLC – Highlands Ranch, Denver, CO $250,000 – Dedicated to creating and cultivating an approach to airway management that will enhance airway safety, prevent unplanned extubation and its associated complications, provide peace of mind for patients, their families, and practitioners and decrease healthcare costs through ethical, profitable, and sustainable business practices.


Big Blue Technologies – Westminster, CO $250,000 – Big Blue Technologies LLC was established in 2015 to pursue commercialization of a novel magnesium production process. BBT is a spin-out from the University of Colorado at Boulder through which they hold an exclusive option on several patent applications.


Stateless, Inc. – Boulder, CO  $250,000 – Data centers are under great pressure to connect tenants securely to their applications and simply get them their data. Doing so requires moving beyond hardware network appliance and NFV and creating customized network services. With the Stateless Akros network services platform, managed hosting providers can meet their tenant’s biggest networking demands in a way that has never been possible so they can grow their revenue and own their market.


9Fiber, Inc. – Pueblo, CO  $250,000 –  9Fiber, Inc. has created a 3 step patented process, turns cannabis and hemp green waste materials, into usable raw materials.


Atomos Nuclear and Space Corporation – Denver, CO $247,497 –  Atomos is building spacecraft to move other spacecraft, precision-placing new orbital assets, recovering misplaced satellites, removing dead satellites, and opening access to deep space. Leveraging new and advanced power technologies to reach unprecedentedly high levels of electrical power, our electric-propulsion spacecraft will be able to operate longer, transfer more mass, and move more efficiently than any other competitor. Our vision is to become the logistics provider of the solar system.


Tendeg, LLC. Louisville, CO $250,000 – Tendeg  provides high quality and innovative aerospace engineering services, including design, analysis, prototyping, and flight unit build.  Their primary focus is space antennas and deployable structures.


Sinopsys Surgical – Boulder, CO  $240,000 – The Sinopsys Lacrimal Stent (SLS) is a transcaruncular-ethmoid, reversible implant designed to deliver fluid to relieve chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) symptoms in the sinuses. The SLS addresses an untapped market of 7+ million patients reluctant to undergo drastic irreversible endoscopic surgery, while suffering from refractory medical therapy. This equates to significant revenue and improved health economics for all stake holders. Based upon implantation in 140+ patients, the SLS achieves a clinically significant reduction of symptoms.


Aurora Oncology – Aurora, CO $115,000 – Aurora Oncology is an early clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing targeted therapeutics to image and treat superficial bladder cancer. These products are highly efficacious and have low toxicity compared to the only other therapy that is currently approved by the FDA.


Click Medical – Steamboat Springs, CO  $152,500 – Click Medical uses technology that controls the fit and comfort of orthotics and prosthetic devices with the simple twist of a dial.


Membrane Protective Technologies, Inc – Fort Collins, CO $120,000 –  MPTI’s technology, GameteGuard® patented technology is innovative in improving animal husbandry success rates. GameteGuard® contains both antioxidants (to improve sperm health) and membrane stabilizers (to enable freezing and similar manipulations) for boar sperm.


ZeoThermal Technologies, LLC. – Longmont, CO  $250,000 –  ZeoMedical has developed an all-in-one cold & heat therapy device specifically designed for the arthritic patient. Their innovative product and technology maximize a patient’s comfort and pain relief with unique temperature control.  Their technology can treat up to four body parts at one time. The ZeoMedical product will be the only arthritis therapy device of its kind in this marketplace. Arthritis pain management is an under-served market with over 23 million potential customers in the US.


SomnoHealth, Inc. – Golden, CO $160,000 – SomnoHealth, Inc. bring the power of a sleep lab directly to the consumer.  SomnoHealth’s technology measures, analyzes, and coaches you to better sleep.


Machavert Pharmaceuticals, LLC –  Aurora, CO  $250,000 – Machavert is a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops new, first-in-class therapeutics that will harness the power of the human body to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.


Copper Labs- Longmont, CO  $250,000 – Copper builds Internet of Things (IOT) products and services that help utilities and consumers leverage real-time energy data to create a more informed and sustainable energy future.


Health Scholars, Inc. – Westminster, CO  $250,000 – Health Scholars was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized the need to advance immersive education and clinical training effectiveness. Their mission is to improve patient safety via the delivery of experiential learning and advanced simulation to nurses, physicians and team-based healthcare staff via a single, future ready education platform. One that is easy to use, is scalable across a health system, and more effectively manages, delivers and analyzes blended learning programs.


Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Toward Human ExpeRtise (PANTHR) –  Evergreen, CO  $7,000 – Any clinician or coach who teaches any type of human movement can use the Kinesthetic Awareness Tool (KAT) system to help athletes and patients improve motor skills in the sports or medical fields. The KAT is a wearable motion capture/correction system with customizable haptic feedback designed for movement educators for short term use with their clients.


Living Ink Technologies, LLC-  Aurora, CO  $175,000 – Living Ink is a biomaterials company on a mission to use sustainable algae technologies to replace petroleum-derived products, such as ink. We are changing the way ink is made by using algae as pigments for ecofriendly ink products. The vision is to develop a variety of ink products and colors, including digital ink. Currently, screen, letterpress and offset ink is being developed and refined.




Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Logo Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Logo Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Logo Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Logo Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (303) 892-3840 oedit.info@state.co.us